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About Us

May contain: Fire station with bay doors opened

Dexter Rural Fire Protection District proudly protects a population of approximately 3500, and helps provide coverage to the surrounding communites through mutual aid agreements. Dexter Fire provides structure and wildland fire protection, ILS emergency medical services, and technical rescue services. The Dexter Fire District includes parts of Oregon Highway 58, the Willamette River, Union Pacific Railroad, and 2 large lakes; Dexter and Lookout Point. Dexter Fire houses a number of fire and rescue apparatus at our single fire station, station #21. Station 21 houses  3  "command" vehicles, 2 fire (pumper) engines, 1 pumper/heavy rescue, 1 EMS Squad, 1 water tender, and a 20 foot jet boat. 

With the combination of both career and volunteer staff, Dexter Fire strives to provide 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week. Dexter Fire employs a full time Fire Chief/EMT-Intermediate, a full time Fire Lieutenant/EMT Intermediate, and a full time Engineer/EMT. Career staff live in the fire district and help supplement coverage by being avaliable nights, early mornings, and weekends  on a rotating on-call schedule. The Fire District relies on our dedicated volunteer/reserve firefighters who live both in and out of district. Resident volunteers, or "sleepers", are volunteers that have a primary residence at the fire station in exchange for providing emergency services when not at school or work. Dexter Fire currently has 1 sleeper on a rotating 24/48 hour shift schedule. Sleepers are allowed to leave during their shift for work, and encouraged to attend school. Dexter Fire is always looking for ways to imrove our capaibilities and we are always looking for people to fill positions of resident and in or out of district volunteers/reserves.